Your architectural project deserves to shine, and Coastal Lighting Studio is passionate about creating lighting scapes that bring your dreams into glorious focus. Whether you’re building a fine new home here on the coast, renovating a classic, or refreshing your commercial property, our certified lighting designer has 20+ years of experience in the art and technology needed to lift the colors and textures of your interior designs and exterior structures like no one else in Hilton Head or Bluffton can. Peruse our services below and let’s talk about your lighting design needs today.


Colors, materials, textures, shapes, and structure define a gracious and welcoming interior design space. And on a very deep, biological level, the light that envelops us and our surroundings can affect moods and even health! Even the most on-point elements within your interior space can fall flat and feel ‘off’ without the right lighting to elevate the entire concept.

With every detail, from ambient lighting and task lighting to special accent lighting, and even design that interweaves lighting as a wellness focal point in itself, the details absolutely matter. We love to collaborate with homeowners, architects, and interior designers. From the beginning spark of a concept straight through to completion, we want to be your partner with interior lighting design that comes alive with light.


Lighting affects our biorhythms, mood, and health, so more homeowners desire lighting they can control and adjust far beyond flipping an on-and-off switch. You can control your smart home lighting design through an app on your phone, including the color and temperature, as well as how bright or how dim the light is. Smart home lighting design takes advantage of natural light as much as possible while incorporating healthy artificial light when darkness comes. It should blend seamlessly with your paint colors, artwork, countertops, and furnishings.

The best smart home lighting can even help your houseplants thrive and clear the air more effectively. Our certified lighting designer understands the art behind the light, and the technology that gives you the power to adjust it accordingly.


Light sends a message you can feel, even from across the street. Whether you need to illuminate your home or business, a pathway or a sign, a sculpture or a water feature, the best landscape lighting is not a last-minute afterthought. Your outdoor lighting should feel like an instinctual extension of the structures and nature it’s illuminating. Exterior lighting can enhance how your home or office looks at all hours, and can be incorporated into your landscape as an essential part of the architecture and natural surroundings.

Coastal Lighting Studio has enhanced the evening landscapes of fine homes, businesses, and institutions across Hilton Head and Bluffton to boost curb appeal and create a safe, secure, and welcoming atmosphere and enhance architecture and landscaping to showcase it in its ‘best light.’


Make your commercial, public, municipal, or institutional building stand out from the crowd, both indoors and out. Commercial lighting design can cover a wide range of developer-driven architectural projects in the community. Our certified lighting designer has elevated the work of architects and interior designers in office buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, houses of worship, schools, universities, and multi-family housing developments. We have a great deal of experience on both single-use new constructions and tenant improvement projects of all kinds.

We are eager to collaborate on innovative lighting solutions that take your designs to the next level while improving sustainability, environmental responsibility, and performance, all while keeping to the budget and the schedule.


As families increasingly gather at home, lighting performance has become much more of a need than a luxury, and that is increasingly clear with the rising demand for exceptional home theater lighting design. Today’s home theater is about more than just switching off the lights when the movie starts. It’s all about the right pre-movie and post-movie lighting, and accents that will enhance your overall entertainment center experience.

Many homeowners want to re-create a real theater look and feel with accent lighting and seat lighting (right down to the temperature and color of the lighting) as well as dimming control. With Coastal Lighting Studio, you have an expert home theater lighting designer to help you get just the right special effects.


At Coastal Lighting Studios, we are passionate about providing smart lighting designs that also reduce your carbon footprint and help you save energy while still experiencing amazing illumination, indoors and out. And today’s LED lighting options are top of mind for homeowners, builders, interior designers and architects alike.

When it’s time to upscale your lighting at home or in a commercial setting, we help you replace the old ballast and incandescent light fixtures with the best new LED light fixtures. The latest ENERGY STAR-certified LED lights can save almost 80% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs while lasting about 20 times longer. New LED light fixtures also come in thousands of designs as unique as your project.


Accent lighting provides focused, artistic lighting that illuminates and draws attention to your favorite artwork, sculpture, bookcase, design element, or architectural features. It’s like playing with light to achieve a specific creative result in your home or commercial property. We achieve this by using can lights, uplights, recessed lighting, niche lighting, wall sconces, cabinet or door lighting, shelf lighting, track lighting, or picture lighting in just the right color and temperature.

Accent lighting design is wonderful for interior design or landscape design as its goal is to attract the eye in a certain direction and create a certain mood or effect. It can take a good design concept and elevate it to the extraordinary.


Coastal Lighting Studio’s certified lighting designer knows the latest smart lighting technologies available to help you achieve the exact lighting effects you want in your home or commercial interiors and exteriors. We can help you with light programming that controls the timing, the colors, temperatures, and dimming control features of your smart lighting so that you get the right lighting for the right time of day, the weather, the amount of natural light you have to work with, and the mood or effect you’re trying to achieve. We can put you in control of your lighting and dimming with a simple tap of the controls on your mobile device.


Our Bluffton and Hilton Head certified lighting designer is eager to collaborate with you on your unique lighting project today. For a personalized consultation, please contact us today to set up an appointment.