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As the premiere architectural and interior lighting designers in Hilton Head and Bluffton for the last two decades, Coastal Lighting Studio has put the area’s finest homes and businesses in their best light with sophisticated ambiance and advanced technology, turning the ordinary into the exceptional. Our local, family-owned business has deep roots in the area’s unique coastal lifestyle.

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Why Trust Coastal Lighting Studio With Your Next Project?

 Our Certified Lighting Specialist creates custom interior, exterior and landscape lighting designs for customers with discerning tastes and refined vision.

Interior Lighting

Creative recessed lighting, task lighting, directional and art lighting illuminates your unique tastes and lifestyle.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting that shows off your exterior and landscaping from the outside in.

Commercial Lighting

Set the tone for success with interior and exterior commercial lighting.

Our Certified Lighting Specialist creates custom interior, exterior and landscape lighting designs for customers with discerning tastes and refined vision.

The Experts in Luxury Lighting

If you’re building or designing a home here in Bluffton or Hilton Head, you’ve earned the right to be choosy about every detail of your project, including the lighting. The right lighting can completely transform the color, the temperature, the texture and the mood inside and outside your home or business.

Lighting can even impact health and wellbeing, so it’s not a detail that you can leave to the last minute. It needs to be incorporated into the design itself. To get the optimal look and feel, you need your lighting designed by a Certified Lighting Designer who understands the minute details of how different types of lighting work, and the technology available for you to control it.

You wouldn’t let your builder pick out your faucets, so why would you let them pick your lighting?

It’s both an art and a science that takes years to master. You wouldn’t let your builder pick out your faucets, so why would you let them pick your lighting? We take the time to understand your desires, collaborate on the creative possibilities, show you all the possible options to achieve your dreams, and then guide you as you choose the best lighting to cast on your unique architectural project.

Custom Lighting Collaborations

We work closely with homeowners, fine home builders, architects and interior designers to create environments that inspire and radiate distinction and beauty. We believe that lighting should elevate design, structure and mood in all of these areas:

Single Family Residential

Bring your home to life with the right ambiance and focus for every room, every angle and space inside and out.

Multi-Family Residential

Welcome your residents home with welcoming illumination that reflects our fantastic coastal lifestyle in color, texture and mood.

Institutional Lighting

Enlighten and brighten the minds of the future with institutional lighting designs that inspire and focus discovery and brilliance.

Corporate Lighting

Work smarter with corporate lighting that reduces eye strain, fuels creativity and gives your employees and clients a sense of purpose.

Hospitality Lighting

Invite guests in with lighting that showcases your architectural designs and helps them relax into the ambiance and feeling of the coast.

Retail Lighting

Make the sale with just the right blend of retail lighting that uses a combination of color, temperature and focus and motivation.

Residential Lighting Design

Whether you are building a new home, doing a deep renovation, or some light remodeling to refresh a room or two, you’ll want to include smart lighting design in your plans. The right lighting not only improves how everything in your home looks—from paint colors and furnishings to artwork and your work area—lighting literally impacts you biologically.

The temperature and color of the light, the focus and the amount of light can affect your circadian rhythms, mood and overall health. Homeowners rely on us to help them create custom, smart lighting environments they can easily adjust and control to enhance everything from your favorite dining room centerpiece to your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Healthy lighting, in fact, has been shown to improve cognitive function, boost creativity and stimulate the immune system. The more science understands about the biological impacts of light, the clearer it becomes that discerning homeowners should never leave lighting as a last minute consideration.

Commercial Lighting Design

Businesses and institutions of all sizes can also benefit from expert lighting design, so it truly pays to include this in any new commercial building project or tenant improvement project or build out.

Lighting can enhance moods, improve cognition in a wide variety of tasks and improve reaction time and memory. Combined with refined color, temperature, focus and direction, the right lighting can illuminate the different features and structures within your space can help businesses attract and retain clients, improve sales and help employees enjoy their work environment more.

Our Certified Lighting Designer is an expert at both interior commercial lighting and exterior commercial lighting to elevate the look, feel and mood of every angle and aspect of your commercial property. We work closely with builders and interior designers to incorporate the lighting into the overall design and are eager to collaborate with you to create just the right lighting design for your needs.

Landscape Lighting Design

As night falls on our beautiful coastal region, landscape lighting design can shine a light on your beautiful home or business to enhance its curb appeal even after the sun goes down. Luxury landscape lighting goes far beyond security and visibility for safety reasons, although those are naturally important.

Here on the coast, there’s also a strong love of gracious outdoor living that goes well into the evening, so creating the right exterior lighting is just as important here as the interior lighting design. Consider landscape lighting to set off your favorite backyard water feature, enhance the gathering around your fire pit, or to illuminate your outdoor dining room under a pergola just perfectly with the right mood for an evening outdoors.

Landscape lighting is an important part of your overall landscaping plan because it will impact the look and feel of your landscape well into the evening, setting off, protecting and highlighting the home and garden you’ve worked so hard to create over the years.

Motorized Shades and Blinds

Of course, one of the best lighting designers in Hilton Head and Bluffton is the sun itself! Natural light has the most powerful positive influence on our moods, our eyesight and overall health. It perfectly brings textures, colors and environments into joyful focus.

It can sometimes be a little overwhelming at different times of the day, however, so here at Coastal Lighting Studio, we also install motorized shades and blinds to help soften and focus natural light whenever necessary.

We can also work with your builder and architect to help your home make the most of natural light within your home design. This will reduce your need for electric light during the day, save you money on electric bills, and help your home tread more lightly on the environment. Our Lutron custom shading systems are at your command with a touch of a button, anywhere in your home or business.

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